Raw Raspberry Chocolates

Simple but sophisticated raw chocolates topped with raspberries and pink salt make a wonderful homemade treat.

How to Make Raw Raspberry Chocolates gourmandeinthekitchen.com  Raw Raspberry Chocolates

If you’re still looking for a simple but tasty homemade gift or treat to share this season, these little raw raspberry chocolates could not be easier to make and they make a nice finale to any holiday meal.  They’re a total crowd pleaser too; set out a tray of these after dinner and see how quickly they’re scooped up!

What I love about them is that you can whip them up in no time since they’re one of those melt, stir and pour numbers that’s super convenient to make at the last minute.  All you’ll need are a handful of ingredients as well as a little bit of time to let them cool until they set in the fridge and you’re done.


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Roasted Chestnuts with Sage Browned Butter

Make a batch of roasted chestnuts with a drizzle of sage browned butter this winter.

Roasted Chestnuts with Sage Browned Butter gourmandeinthekitchen.com  Roasted Chestnuts with Sage Browned Butter

The sweet smell of chestnuts roasting in the air is one of those scents of the season that truly embodies the spirit of the holidays.

A special treat enjoyed only around this time of year, the warm cozy aroma leaves the house smelling so wonderfully inviting as they crackle and pop in the heat.  It never feels quite like the holidays without digging into a pile of roasted chestnuts at least once or twice.


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Dark Chocolate Macaroon Thumbprint Cookies

Dark Chocolate Macaroon Thumbprint Cookies , macaroon cookies, thumbprint cookies, vegan macaroons, chocolate thumbprint cookies, chocolate macaroons, xmas cookies, paleo Christmas cookies

Dark and intense, these aren’t your ordinary macaroon cookies. These deep, rich, chocolate macaroon thumbprint cookies are one of my favorites to make around the… 

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Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway

gift guide, holiday gift guide, gift ideas, giveaway

10 great ideas for everyone on your list and a chance to win each one. (Over $700 worth of gifts!)   It’s finally here…the holiday season… 

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Cinnamon Cranberry Poached Apples

poached apples, cinnamon poached apples, cranberry poached apples, cranberries and apples, Thanksgiving recipe, Thanksgiving dessert, holiday recipe, holiday dessert, paleo dessert

Tiny poached apples served in sweetly spiced syrup infused with warming spices like cinnamon, vanilla, star anise and the tartness of fresh cranberries.  These poached… 

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Creamy Baked Parsnips with Thyme

braised parsnips, baked parsnips, roasted parsnips, parsnip recipe, creamy parsnips, paleo parsnips, vegetarian parsnips, Thanksgiving side, healthy holiday side

An easy, creamy side of oven-braised parsnips with thyme. Braising has a way of bringing out the best in certain vegetables.  Take parsnips, for example;… 

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Thai-Style Coconut, Sweet Potato and Spinach Soup

Thai soup. Thai coconut soup, sweet potato soup, sweet potato spinach soup, vegan soup, paleo soup, winter soup, spicy soup, curry soup, Thasi yellow curry. Thai yellow curry soup

 A quick and hearty soup with sweet potatoes and spinach in a creamy coconut broth with Thai spices.  So let’s talk soup.  More specifically let’s… 

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Coconut Caramel Pecan Bars

coconut caramel, caramel pecan bars, coconut bars, paleo pecan bars, pecan pie bars, raw pecan pie bars

Pecan bars with a hint of cinnamon topped with a tender coconut caramel. This is one of those kinds of treats that I like to… 

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Delicata Squash Salad with Persimmons and Pomegranate Dijon Vinaigrette

Delicata Squash Salad with Persimmons and Pomegranate Dijon Vinaigrette

A cool-weather salad filled with roasted delicata squash, persimmons and pomegranate that’s brimming with bright  flavors and colors. While this time of the year warm… 

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Dark Chocolate Mousse Truffle Squares

dark chocolate truffles, chocolate truffles, truffles, mousse recipe, chocolate mousse recipe

These dark chocolate truffle squares are smooth and intensely chocolatey. Pure deliciousness, that’s what these little squares are. Now if you’ve been reading this blog… 

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Roasted Acorn Squash with Chermoula Sauce

roasted acron squash, roasted squash, squash recipe, roasted vegetables, vegetable side dish, Thanksgiving side dish, holiday side dish, paleo side dish, vegan side dish

Thick wedges of roasted acorn squash tossed with Chermoula sauce makes a simple but flavorful side. It’s hard to miss the piles of squash filling… 

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Vanilla Bean Chia Porridge with Sautéed Caramel Pears

chia porridge, chia pudding, sauteed pears, caramel pears, paleo porridge, vegan breakfastt

Take a little time in the morning to sit down to a nice warming bowl of vanilla bean chia porridge with caramelized pears.  I just… 

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