Carpaccio of Watermelon Radishes with Arugula and Citrus Avocado Dressing

Watermelon radishes are shaved paper thin and dressed with a citrus avocado vinaigrette.

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Slice through its unassuming pale green exterior and a striking, brilliant magenta center awaits you.

With an unexpected inner beauty that captivates, this beautiful jewel-toned vegetable commonly known as a watermelon radish adds a lovely color and refreshing crunch to salads and is worth seeking out.  Pleasantly crunchy, a bit milder and sweeter than its red-skinned cousin it’s a real gem of the vegetable world.

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While frankly I’m happy to enjoy them raw, sliced and sprinkled with a generous pinch of good sea salt when I find them, they also make for an elegant salad.

I’ll take any excuse to pull out my mandoline, so I’m particularly fond of serving them shaved paper thin and layered on a platter dressed with a bright citrus and avocado oil vinaigrette.

It’s a Carpaccio of sorts; a riff on the traditional with a fresh springtime twist.

watermelon radish, radish, carpaccio, arugula, salad, avocado, paleo carpaccio, vegan watermelon radish salad

The thin slices of the watermelon radishes are first tenderized with a sprinkle of salt, then drizzled with fresh orange juice and avocado oil and topped with wild arugula and creamy slices of avocado.

The whole thing radiates with vibrant colors and bright flavors. The peppery bite of the arugula makes a nice foil to the richness of the avocado and crispness of the radish slices.

I also like to add a few crumbles of tangy goat cheese to finish the whole thing off but that’s entirely optional and up to you.

watermelon radish, radish, carpaccio, arugula, salad, avocado, paleo carpaccio, vegan watermelon radish salad

Part of what makes this salad feel like a special occasion is in the presentation but it’s equally wonderful all heaped together like any other salad if you’d prefer and entirely light and inviting.

Have you ever tried watermelon radishes?

Serves Serves 4

Carpaccio of Watermelon Radishes with Arugula and Citrus Avocado Vinaigrette Recipe

A light and refreshing salad of thinly sliced watermelon radishes topped with arugula and avocado.

40 minTotal Time

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  • 4 Watermelon radishes
  • 1 small avocado, thinly sliced
  • 2 to 3 oz of baby or wild arugula
  • 2 Tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
  • ¼ cup/ 60ml Avocado oil (or extra virgin olive oil)
  • 1 Tablespoon freshly chopped herbs such as chives and parsley
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt (plus more to taste)
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 4 oz Fresh goat cheese for serving (optional)


  1. Peel the outer layer of the watermelon radishes if thick. With a sharp knife or mandoline, thinly slice the radishes into rounds.
  2. Sprinkle sea salt over the radishes in a colander set over a bowl. Cover and set aside for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Drain radishes, and lightly pat dry. Arrange the slices on a serving platter or individual plates.
  4. Make the vinaigrette by whisking together the orange juice, avocado oil and fresh herbs. Add a pinch of sea salt and black pepper to taste.
  5. Toss the arugula with half the dressing. Place a handful of dressed arugula on top of the sliced radishes and top with a few slices of avocado.
  6. Garnish with crumbles of fresh goat cheese if desired and drizzle the remaining dressing over the top of the radishes. Serve immediately.


Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Vegetarian, For Paleo and Vegetarian omit goat cheese.


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  1. says

    Sylvie, just gorgeous! The Watermelon radishes are something that I’ve gotten before, ages ago, in a CSA box but it’s been years. I wish I had prepared them half as beautifully as you did!

  2. says

    I must admit that I’ve actually never had a watermelon radish, though I’ve seen pictures of them and have always been struck by their gorgeous color. This carpaccio is brilliant, starting with the inclusion of avocado and goat cheese and then the dressing completely brightens it up.

  3. says

    OH. MY. YUM! This is seriously gorgeous and seriously delicious sounding! I am definitely going to have to make this…and will Pin it onto Delicious Karma’s Pinterest and share via Twitter and Facebook. This is just too stunning not to share! Thank you for such wonderful inspiration!

  4. says

    Sylvie–I’ve been following your blog for some time. It’s inspiring to watch the way you work a scene–different angles, different compositions, distance and lenses. When I’m visually stuck I scroll back through your posts until I hit something that I thought to try–oh, yeah, that might work. Thank you. Ken

  5. says

    I love how bright watermelon radishes are. I wish I could find a decent source. I guess I’ll just have to come there. Pick me up at the airport?

  6. says

    This looks absolutely incredible and fresh! Looking at this kind of dish makes me want to make/write a savory entry in my blog. Keep up the great work!

  7. says

    Your salad took my breath away! SO elegant and gorgeous. I’ve never tasted or maybe even seen watermelon radishes and I’m going to track down these gorgeous radishes! You really know how to prepare the food simple yet flavorful. I can’t wait to try this as soon as I find watermelon radishes!

  8. says

    I won’t be tasting any of the jeweled beauties before the farmer’s markets come into full swing, I have the hardest time finding them! But these photos are definitely motivating me to start searching. Just lovely!

  9. says

    Oh wow – this looks so gorgeous! We grow these radishes every year, and they taste even better than they look, which is saying a lot. I’ll be hanging on to this recipe till ours are ready to eat!

  10. says

    Oh my… I’ve never even heard of watermelon radishes!! And now I feel the desperate desire to find some…What a glorious combination of flavours and colours – I love it. Now all we need is for Spring to actually arrive here in the UK…

  11. says

    Gorgeous photos! We’re growing a few different radishes but I can’t remember what they are so we know for sure only when we pull them from the ground. It’s a nice surprise.

  12. Gina says

    Having lived overseas for many years, I have only recently discovered the wonderful, and beautiful, watermelon radish. I have been buying them from our local CSA farm, putting them into salads. But I will highlight them, as you have; they deserve it.

  13. dianne says

    this is so beautiful I can’t wait to try it. . . have never even heard of watermelon radishes but I am totally in!

  14. Kimberly says

    These photos (and your presentation) are stunning. I’ve never had watermelon radishes but I now want to try them.