Moleskine Passions Journal Review and Giveaway | Open Worldwide (Total 120 USD )

Moleskine Notebook Sylvie Shirazi
Simple black notebooks with signature rounded corners and an elastic band to keep their contents nicely secured; Moleskine journals have been a trusted companion to creative minds for years.  These legendary notebooks have a long tradition in the artistic community;  recording details, storing ideas and capturing feelings.

Today the Moleskine brand has expanded beyond those simple notebooks and offers a wide range of journals, diaries, planners, address books and specialized notebooks.

Ever since I discovered Moleskine journals I’ve been using them to keep track of my ideas, write down my thoughts and generally help me remember what I’ve done and what I have yet to do.  I keep a journal in the kitchen to jot down recipes and notes for the blog.  I keep one in my bag at all times and use the weekly planner to organize day-to-day activities.

moleskine softcover notebook

There’s something special about having a tangible, personal archive to refer back to that makes Moleskine notebooks very appealing, not to mention the extraordinary craftsmanship of the journals themselves.  I like being able to flip through my recipe journal, for example, and see where I adjusted ingredients while recipe testing and the notes I jotted in the margins.  These journals are keepsakes in the making.

So I was quite eager to learn more about the newest additions to the Moleskine Passions line.  The Passions journals are topic-specific notebooks that help you organize and collect information on a variety of topics such as: Recipes, Wine, Books, Music, Wellness and Film.

Moleskine Passions Journals

The newest additions to the line are: Art, Beer, Chocolate, Home and Restaurants.  Moleskine generously sent me a few of these notebooks to check out and I was immediately impressed with the layout and design.

Each journal offers a different layout based on topic that includes: a series of themed pages with areas for recording notes divided by pre-selected tabs, a series of additional pages with blank customizable tabs, and selected charts, glossaries and adhesive labels (to further customize your journal).

moleskine restaurant journalmoleskine recipe journalmoleskine passions chocolate journal

The Recipe Journal, for example, has tabs for: Appetizers, First Course, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts and Cocktails, while the Restaurant Journal has tabs for: Restaurants. Bars, Cafes Etc…, Takeout, At a Glance (for quick notes about restaurants) and Direct from the Chef (for recipes you’ve gotten from restaurants).

recipe journal

For chocolate lovers like me the Chocolate Journal is a dream come true, with sections to write notes on tastings, recipes, events and even keep track of favorite shops!


With just a bit of pressure the notebook stays nicely open and flat, making it easy to leave open while taking notes.  The black covers of the Passions line are embossed with a selection of images related to the theme of the notebook giving each a unique look.  They come with three different colored attached ribbon bookmarks so you can mark your place in multiple sections of the journal at once.

A clever organizational feature are the numbered pages and corresponding index at the back of the journals that allow you to create your own personalized index to refer to.  This makes finding old entries a breeze once you’ve filled the notebook.  I think the quality in craftsmanship of these journals matches the same high standards of the rest of their line of products and I was very happy with them.

And so that you too may discover the beauty of these journals, Moleskine has generously offered to send TWO Gourmande in the Kitchen readers a selection of their THREE favorite Passions Journals.


restaurant moleskinerecipe moleskinechocolate moleskine

Required Entry: For a chance to win leave a comment here, whatever you’d like. For example tell me what your 3 favorite Passions Journals are.

The required entry must be done otherwise any extra entries will not count.


The winners are Randi Durham and Jessica Warfield.  You have been contacted by email.  Enjoy your journals!


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Giveaway starts on 3/5/2012 and will run until 3/13/2012 at 11:59 pm PST.

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Official Rules:
To enter leave a comment.
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Two winners will be selected at random to receive a choice of 3 passions journals each.
The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.
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Disclaimer: I was provided with the Passions Journals for the purpose of doing a review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.  All Images (expect for top one) courtesy of Moleskine.


  1. Emily Finn says

    Followed on Pinterest too! Love it!
    I’m going travelling across Europe in the summer so it would be a perfect notebook to keep a travel journal in, keeping tracking of each thing I do on the trip!

  2. Alessandra says

    Love the new art, home and chocolate journals…but really love them all! Have three moleskine altready, but I never get enough of moleskine!

  3. Nicolas Willems says

    My Top-3 Passions Journals:

    1) Books
    2) Home Life
    3) Style

    and follows Moleskine on Twitter and Facebook.

  4. says

    I was pleasantly surprised that moleskine has added some new themes to the range. I would definitly like to check two of those out, namely Art and House. Third, I would like to win an old fave, Books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. fyreink says

    The really like my moleskin notebook that I use for class. It’s great for writing notes and keeping track of assignments.

  6. Ryker says

    My three favorite Passions Journals are the Home Life Journal, the Book Journal and the Travel Journal.

  7. says

    I’m following you on Twitter (and RT your message), liked you on Facebook, subscribed to email, following you on Pinterest and have both fingers crossed to be a winner!

    My favorite Passions journals are the Recipe Journal (I’m a Weight Watcher and it helps me keep track of healthy recipes and points values), the Dog Journal (my dog does 5K and 10K races with me and I like to keep track of his mileage and health) and the Book Journal since I’m an avid reader and published author. Thanks for the chance!

  8. jeswel says

    the recipe one would be my favorite followed closely by the chocolate and restaurants
    I’ve followed on twitter and facebook and moleskin on facebook and i tweeted and and well, I’m desperate 🙂
    thanks for the multiple chances!

  9. says

    Hi, my favorite Moleskine Passion Journals are: Moleskine Passions Style Journal, Moleskine Passions Restaurant Journal and Moleskine Passions Art Journal.
    Follow you on Pinterest, Twitter, retweeted your giveaway tweet and liked on Facebook.

  10. Angela says

    Hi! my favourite Passions journals are: Recipes, Music and Chocolate.

    I already follow Moleskine on facebook.

  11. says

    My favorite passion journals are wine and books. Unfortunately one for my coffee passion is still missing. But chocolate might bridge this gap 😉
    Btw: I already follow Moleskine on Twitter. But I just became a subscriber of your RSS feed.

  12. says

    I’ve been a Moleskine enthusiast for a while now, but I’ve only bought the Passions Journals as a gift; I’d love to get a couple for myself. I’d love the Music Journal (since I cover music and manage up and coming musicians for a living), the Recipe Journal (since I eat out WAY too much and I’m learning how to cook this year to help my health and my wallet). For third, I’ll list the Travel journal; I finally got some extra miles under my belt last year, and I plan to extend those throughout 2012.

    But honestly, any Moleskine Passion Journal is a win. They make amazing products. Glad to see you covering them here.

  13. says

    I don’t have a favourite Moleskine Passions journal… yet. 🙂 Something tells me that I’d like the Cat Journal. Recipe and Travel journals look good as well.

  14. Allison says

    Oof. Choose?

    I buy the plain 3 packs constantly to keep track of how my studio projects develop.
    My weekly planner is an essential(although I’ve had to stitch up the back pocket because I constantly overload it)
    I love the city notebooks as a subtle resource to explore and document a city without carrying an obvious map
    The limited editions are regular birthday presents to friends and fam

    and I would lovelovelove the


    passions journals. I’m in the works of founding an etsy shop/possibly a food and garden blog. Moleskines? perfect way to start.

  15. Dominique says

    Recipes, books, chocolate. I haven’t actually seen the chocolate journal, but it sounds like a wonderful idea.

  16. says

    Would love to win the Moleskine Arts Journal but the heart might be burst with the sight of too much beauty/and ache with the running out of time.

  17. Lisa says

    I am a Moleskine “lifer” – have been using them for a long while. I have the “books” passion notebook – but would also like the “films” and “chocolate” ones, too!

  18. says

    My top 3 Passion Journals are:
    * BOOKS
    * MUSIC
    * RECIPES (and I wan to get this to give to someone who loves to cook, as a Graduation Gift)

    I already followed @moleskine and @gourmandeinthek on Twitter and liked them in Facebook too. :))