My 7 Links Challenge | Parts 4 and 5

food photography

This is the third installment in my 7 Links Challenge.  The fourth and fifth parts of the challenge ask for : your most helpful post and a post the success of which surprised you.

# 4 Your most helpful post – Granola | Deconstructed

granola recipe

Although arguably my most helpful posts are those in the Food Photography series, based on the feedback I’ve received, my most helpful recipe has to be my how-to on making crunchy granola.

In it, I lay out my quest for the perfectly crisp and clumpy granola and share my tips on creating the best texture in your granola.

I cracked the granola code and came up with a version that possesses all the qualities that I had been after: large clumpy clusters, with a light and crispy texture.  It’s a basic recipe that has endless variations and can easily be adapted to suit your tastes.


# 5 A post the success of which surprised you – Chocolate Milk Toast | When Comfort is Needed

milk toast recipe

The success of this post was surprising considering how it’s simply a combination of toasted bread, warm milk and chocolate.

As I said, it’s the kind of food I want to eat in my pj’s curled up under a blanket, because sometimes comfort is needed, the comfort that comes from those foods that have a special place in our hearts.

In the post I also address the emotionally charged nature of comfort food from both a physiological and psychological perspective, but at the end of the day I think its the enduring appeal of a quick snack that can be thrown together when in need that made this post as popular as it was.

If anyone else has taken part in the 7 Link Challenge, please post links to your own entries in the comments so we can all take a look.

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  1. says

    how on earth could I have missed the chocolate milk toast? I mean really? It is like heaven on earth- I must got back and make this. See this is why I love this 7 link thing because I see posts I missed and wish I hadn’t

  2. says

    The chocolate milk toast post is a memorable one for sure- I loved the way you had written that post and I still remember some phrases from there such as ‘gastronomical bandage.’!!!

  3. says

    I went back and read your “chocolate and milk toast” post Sylvie. It’s amazing how food can have such an effect on us and how it can trigger emotions and memories. Loved that post, and the idea of milk, chocolate, butter and toast prepared in such a simple manner is, truly, the quintessence of comfort food.