My 7 Links Challenge | Parts 2 and 3

food photography

This is the second installment in my 7 Links Challenge.  The second and third parts of the challenge ask for: a post which had a great discussion or response and a post you enjoyed writing the most.

#2 A post which had a great discussion or response – The Language of Food Photography Series

Food Photography

In July I started a series on food photography entitled “The Language of Food Photography.”  It was a 6 part series that featured some amazing guest posts from food photography insiders including a prop stylist, a food stylist and two food photographers/bloggers.

I got a wonderful response to the series and it generated some great discussion on food photography and bloggers finding their unique style.

The 6 parts can be found here:

Read Part 1 of The Language of Food Photography | Learning the Visual Elements of Design.

Read Part 2 of the Language of Food Photography | The Principles of Design.

Read Part 3 of the Language of Food Photography | Prop Styling with Paula Walters.

Read Part 4 of the Language of Food Photography | Food Styling with Tami Hardeman.

Read Part 5 of the Language of Food Photography | Creating Moods with Ilva Beretta.

Read Part 6 of the Language of Food Photography | Finding Your Style with Meeta K. Wolff.

#3 A post you enjoyed writing the most – Wine | Liquid Memories

wine corks

In this post I explored the powerful connection between wine, food and memory.  Starting with the premise that wine isn’t just a beverage, that it has the ability to create connections and evoke emotion, I delved into the subject which has always held such fascination for me.

I asked, “What is it that makes a wine mediocre to one person and amazing to another?” and looked at the sensory, cultural and other factors into our wine choices.


If anyone else has taken part in the 7 Link Challenge, please post links to your own entries in the comments so we can all take a look.

Read Part One of My 7 Links Challenge | A Look Back


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  1. says

    Now this one doesn’t surprise me at all- i remember reading it and thinking how cool is this! You have such an amazing writing style that makes the reader truly engage and connect with what your talking about

  2. says

    I’m getting such a kick out of your 7 link challenge. I absolutely loved your photography series (great resource for aspiring food photographers!) and I’m going to read your wine post now.

  3. says

    I hadn’t read all of your food photography series so thanks for linking back to it…am planning to read over the next couple of days. Really enjoying your trip back over older posts – as someone relatively new to your blog it’s a great way of discovering new things!

  4. says

    I’ve seen some other 7 links….I really enjoyed them too, but was grateful nobody passed it on to me! So difficult to decide on some of them.
    Definitely agree about your #2 choice. Love anything you write on the subject.