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 indoor culinary herb garden

The fresh grassiness of a sprinkle of chopped chives over soup, the robust earthy flavor of fresh thyme leaves on roasted vegetables, and the heady aroma of just-picked mint in your tea are just a few of  the reasons it’s easy to fall in love with cooking with fresh herbs.

Fresh herbs offer us good looks, great flavor, and intoxicating scents. Luckily, these rewards aren’t limited to those of us with a garden; just a few pots indoors can supply you with a variety of flavor-enhancing culinary herbs all year long.

indoor culinary herb garden

Cultivating an extensive herb garden is wonderful if you have a yard, but many people don’t have access to an outdoor space.  Fortunately, it’s not hard to grow the same herbs indoors, even in a small space. If you’re a novice gardener or don’t have much of a green thumb, growing an indoor culinary herb garden is an easy place to start.  Most herbs are sun worshipers, so all you need to get started is a nice, sunny place in your house for them to call home.

indoor culinary herb garden

Today I’m guest posting for Aimee, the editor of Simple Bites, while she’s away enjoying some fun and sun with her family.  I’m sharing some of my tips for creating your own indoor culinary herb garden.

I’ll be addressing the following:

The most commonly used culinary herbs and their characteristics.

Potting your herbs.

How to water your herbs.

How much light do your herbs need?

Along with some general tips for successfully growing your own herbs indoors.  So please join me over at Simple Bites for “How to Grow your Own Culinary Herb Garden.”


What are your favorite herbs to use in the kitchen?




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  1. says

    Beautiful photography, I’d really love the grow Cilantro, but I don’t know much about it, it’s quite hard for me to find it fresh here in Japan.

  2. says

    I have been meaning to grow my own and now thanks to you I will :-)
    My favourites are thyme (both types), cilantro and rosemary. Oh and spring onions, chives and basil….hmmm and dill…See, I just have to start my little herb garden in my balcony :-)

  3. says

    Every time I come on over to your website, I’m in constant awe of your photographs. They are simply stunning. I’ve never seen a plant look so good (flavor or not). :-) As for my favorite herb to cook with is basil… I love how versatile it is and how fast it grows! :-)

  4. says

    I adore using and growing fresh herbs. There is something so soul soothing about going out to harvest fresh herbs for meals. My favorites are rosemary, basil and thyme. This year I’m even growing some purple basil and cinnamon basil.

  5. says

    Congratulations on the guest post and WOW, you have some of the coolest ideas for a post! LOVE it and this post is really gonna come handy for me who is planning to start my new herb garden in this tiny kitchen of mine!

  6. says

    Thank you thank you thank you so much :) I just started gardening in my patio and have been reading all over the internet for tips as I have zero knowledge about gardening. This post is awsm .. just awsm !!

  7. says

    You are such in an inspiration! I just look at your site and dream of being as talented as you someday. Seriously beautiful pics… and as always, accompanied by fantastic information! Great job!

  8. says

    favorite herbs in the kitchen are – basil, chives, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, thyme, bay, sage, mint, lemon balm – and believe it not, i grow all of those every year in my garden. i do keep a smaller group going thru the winter months by using both my sunniest window and an aero-garden. love fresh herbs more than i do dried so really try to keep some on hand whenever possible. lovely photos Sylvie!!

  9. says

    Gorgeous photos Sylvie! I have some herb plants I just bought and have been wondering where to plant them. I may just plant them in containers indoors and try it out this year. Thanks for the helpful tips.

  10. says

    This post is going to be very handy. I planted mint, basil and cilantro last year and all died in no time except mint. This year though I plan to read up better and try not to kill them again! Thanks for all the tips

  11. says

    Great post, Sylvie! Luckily, I have plenty of outdoor space to grow my own herbs as they are absolutely essential. Can’t imagine doing without them.

  12. says

    Sylvie, I’m popping over to Simple Bites next to finish reading this fascinating post. I love to garden and especially can’t imagine not being able to run out the front door and snip some herbs to flavor my food. Living in Florida I can have a year round herb garden!

    Your photography is lovely … it really pulls me in!

  13. says

    There is nothing better than fresh herbs… and to have them on hand whenever you need them, it’s just magical.

    We have a garden of herbs and some tomatoes growing outside our apartment and it has been wonderful having that available.

  14. says

    One of the things I miss about living in Virginia was how things naturally grew there. My first year I bought a few pots, and packets of seeds and with NOTHING they grew and grew. They even grew where I spilled a packet of dill! It was amazing. HERE it takes a bit more care, but I try year after year! Heading over to see more!

  15. says

    Nothing beats fresh herbs. The best salsa I have ever eaten is made by a friend of mine each year with everyone fresh-grown from her garden, chili peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, etc. I’m patiently waiting for the end of this season so she hopefully makes me some again! Great little article.

  16. says

    Beautiful photos! I have an indoor succulent garden…does that count? :-) I’d love to start growing some more herbs this summer. For now, I have an abundance of rosemary and lavendar growing all around my front yard. Love it!

  17. says

    Wonderful photos! I am trying to grow herbs, but the only ones that seems to like my dark apartment are rosemary and sage :-(. Basil is struggling hard to survive :-). I am Stumbling this post :-)

  18. says

    Gorgeous photographs.
    And I completely agree – growing your own herbs, especially within reach while you are cooking – is definitely very nice.

  19. says

    One of the things I really want to do when I have my own place is grow my own herbs! I love rosemary, thyme and oregano. Then after that I’ll like my own little garden where I’ll grow strawberries, olves, lemons, tomatoes and whatever fruit I can possible get my hands on. But for now.. I’ll just enjoy some of the things at my parent’s and bf’s place

  20. says

    I must create a little herb garden here. I always end up dashing out to get this or that when it can be right at my fingertips. Thanks for the tips & inspiration. I will go check out your guest post :)

  21. says

    It’s true that growing aromatic herbs is the easiest even for someone without the green thumb -like me ! I’m glad my basil is still doing ok at this time of the year…
    My favourite herbs in the kitchen is thyme, lemon thyme (!) and basil. Such a fragrance !

  22. says

    although I have a little bit of garden (as a space) I have all of my herbs in pots. this year I’m growing mint, 3 types of basil, oregano, sage, thyme, parsley and dill.

    your photos are stunning Sylvie.

  23. says

    I’ve only just begun growing my own herbs. This will be my 3rd summer. I was inspired by my son and I wanted to teach him about how plants grow and give him a sense of ownership in the kitchen. It is small but it is a start. This year we are growing mint, basil, and lavendar. ♥- K

  24. says

    I *wish* had had a post like this when I lived in Paris with NO garden but just a little window box. Fantastic info here (and gorgeous pictures!). Now, I have my husband who has a total green thumb so I leave it up to him and reap the benefits!

  25. says

    Gorgeous photos as always Sylvie. I have a little planter on my sundeck right outside my kitche that fits 4-5 herbs in it and I love it. I love being able to step out the door in the middle of cooking and snip off exactly what I need :) It makes me ridiulously happy (ah the simple things!)

  26. says

    I adore mint and coriander in summer, and stick to parsley, thyme and rosemary in winter. My only issue has been the fact that 3 times now certain green caterpillars have gotten to my herbs way before me. Ha!
    Luckily we have a little community herb and vege patch around the corner and there is always a good supply of fresh herbs around.

  27. says

    Is it possible that all herbs are my favorite herbs? I use different herbs for different applications… and we’re growing EVERYTHING in the backyard. Thyme is the most used. :)