Cooler Cleanse and BluePrintCleanse 3 Day Cleanse Giveaway

As I mentioned yesterday, I have an incredible giveaway for TWO 3-day juice cleanses!


Renovation Cleanse BPC

CoolerCleanse 6 bottle


Both BluePrintCleanse and CoolerCleanse have generously offered to provide my readers with a 3-day cleanse.

That means that TWO readers will WIN a 3-DAY CLEANSE worth almost $200 from EITHER  Cooler Cleanse  OR BluePrintCleanse.  That’s almost $400 dollars worth of cleanses that are up for grabs!

Both are great companies with excellent, high quality juices and exceptional customer service.  I recommend looking into both of these programs if you are interested in trying a juice fast.  Take a look at my review for a more in-depth breakdown of what each company has to offer, and at my post on the benefits of juicing for more information on juicing in general.

Both Cooler Cleanse and BluePrintCleanse offer shipping nationwide in the US via FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping, so you can get your freshly pressed juices sent right to your door no matter where you’re located.  (By the way, for those of you in the Los Angeles area, BluePrintCleanse has just opened a Los Angeles location with delivery, convenient pick-up options and no shipping and handling fees.)


*NOTE: The giveaways are being sponsored and will be distributed by BluePrintCleanse and Cooler Cleanse respectively and are not affiliated with each other.

This Giveaway is now Closed

The winner of the 3-day BluePrintCleanse is Anna comment # 390

The winner of the 3-day Cooler Cleanse is Katie comment #32



Required Entry: For a chance to win leave a comment here, whatever you’d like.  For example, tell me if you’ve ever tried a cleanse or let me know which cleanse you’d most like to try.

The required entry must be done otherwise any extra entries will not count.



Extra Entries:

1.  Follow @gourmandeinthek on Twitter.*

2.  Tweet the following : Enter to win a 3-day #juicecleanse from @BPCleanse or one from @CoolerCleanse via @gourmandeinthek #giveaway #juicing

3.  “Like” Gourmande in the Kitchen on Facebook.*

4.  Follow @CoolerCleanse and/or @BPCleanse on Twitter.

5.  “Like” Cooler Cleanse and/or  BluePrintCleanse on Facebook.

6.  Subscribe to Gourmande in the Kitchen updates by email, or subscribe to my RSS feed.*


PLEASE REMEMBER: Leave a separate comment for EACH of your entries or only one entry will be counted.

*If you already follow me on Twitter and Facebook and/or already subscribe to Gourmande in the Kitchen let me know as well, since this counts as an entry.
Giveaway starts on 11/03/2011 and will run until 11/17/2011 at 11:59 pm PST.

Official Rules:

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

To enter leave a comment.

Two winners with a valid entry will be selected at random. I will email the winners and they will have up to 3 days to claim their prize or another winner will be selected. 

One winner will be selected at random to receive a 3-day Cooler Cleanse (value $174).  Another winner will independently be selected at random to receive a 3-day BluePrint Cleanse (value $195).

The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.

Sponsors are as follows: BluePrintCleanse 1.866.774.6831 | 212.414.5741 | | and Cooler Cleanse 1-888-COOLERS or (212) 531-1110.


Disclaimer:  I was provided with a 3 day cleanse to try free of charge from both Blue Print Cleanse and Cooler Cleanse for the purpose of doing a review and giveaway.  All opinions are my own.


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  1. laurenjanen says

    I have tried Blueprint! Love! Dying to give Cooler Cleanse a try! I would love this! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  2. Erika says

    I have been researching cleanses over the last couple of weeks and I was very interested in the BPC, but just found out about the Cooler Cleanse in the last couple of days as well. I think they both sound great and I’m looking forward to trying one of them to get my eating habits back on track!

  3. Alison says

    I love blueprint cleanse!! That’s what launched my love for green juices. My favorite is Pressed Juicery in Los Angeles, they deliver it to your door every morning of the cleanse. If I could I would survive off green juices, they’re yummy!

  4. Jhamirah says

    I’ve been thinking about jump starting a post holiday diet with a juice cleanse. BPC and Cooler cleanse both sound like a nice alternative to my mom’s suggestion of “poo” tea and weekly colonics.

  5. Heather Booth says

    I’ve tried the Master Cleanse and it was very hard – but worth it. Looking forward to possibly trying the BPC! I’ve heard great things! 🙂

  6. Diane M. says

    I’ve never tried a cleanse, but I have looked into the Blue Print Cleanse before and I would really like to try it.

  7. Candy says

    I’ve been SOO itching to try a 3 day cleanse. I’d definitely opt for Cooler Cleanse because they can accommodate people with nut allergies AND there’s lots of places around the city to pick up the juices. I’ve been trying to get healthier and lose a few extra pounds that seem to stick around. This would be the PERFECT kickstart! Love it.

  8. Jasmine Ladiner says

    I have been putting off doing a cleanse for a few months now… right before I checked the cooler cleanse facebook page I almost ordered!!! still think I might, and then maybe I’ll win another one! They look amazing!

  9. Val says

    Always wanted to try a cleanse and these seem like the Cadillacs of the cleansing business! Also, I never win anything.

  10. Jill says

    I’ve tried a three day juice cleanse and had a great experience – would love to try one of the “real” ones, as I’m sure the added support and calculated recipes would be even better!

  11. Tracy says

    I had always wanted to do a juice cleanse but felt that I never had the time. Now that I’m unemployed, I have all the time in the world to do so but no longer have the funds. I would love to try either of the cleanses and right after Thanksgiving would probably be a great time to try it. I would LOVE to win!

    *All Twitter accounts followed. All Facebook pages liked!

  12. Tracy Chou says

    I just finished my first juice cleanse with cooler cleanse. I feel amazing and I can’t stop urging all my friends to get on the program. I feel lighter, definitely less bloated. And my skin started getting better on my 2nd day. I even had enough energy for my pilates class after work. I can’t wait to start another cleanse, so I’ll be in good shape for my winter beach escape.

  13. Jen A says

    I have been intrigued by these before. Have never tried it. I would gladly try either. Are any of the “safe” for adolescents struggling with food allergies?