BluePrintCleanse vs. Cooler Cleanse | Sizing up the Juice Cleanses

BPC and Cooler Cleanse review

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been juicing quite a bit this past month and the two cleanses I tried out are BluePrintCleanse and Cooler Cleanse.  Here’s how they compare:


The Plans


foundation blueprintcleanse

Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss are the founders of BluePrintCleanse. The two have built their juice empire on “the idea that cleansing needed to be liberated from the rigid dogma and new-age aesthetics of the raw food universe and made more accessible to more people” and “offering juice cleanses as a regular and healthy process for busy people to help counteract the effects of periodic overindulgence.”

The BlueprintCleanse consists of six 16-ounce drinks a day, one of which will always be a nut milk, to provide essential protein and fats. The other five juices are fruit juices and green juices. They sell cleanses in 1-3 day packages but you can also order on a recurring basis.  The three levels are: Renovation, Foundation and Excavation.

The website does a nice job of guiding you with what level to choose.  The main difference between the three levels corresponds to how many green juices are offered per day vs. how many fruit and other juices.


Cooler Cleanse:

cooler cleanse juices

There’s a new player in the juice-cleanse game, Cooler Cleanse, a line of freshly pressed juices created by Salma Hayek and her friend, Eric Helms of Juice Generation. A veteran of juice cleanses, Salma has been juicing for more than a decade thanks to Eric’s juice creations, and she recently teamed up with him to create the Cooler Cleanse Program.

For Salma Hayek, “Cooler Cleanse is a way to share preventive healthcare practices that have worked so well for her, ones that can help everyone look and feel their best, no matter how busy or stressful their lives.

The Cooler Cleanse is also based on 6 drinks per day one of which is a nutmilk.  The cleanse offers a variety of juices so that each day on the cleanse has something new to try.  They offer a 3-day, 5-day and custom cooler option where you can choose your own juices.


The Taste


tasting flight blueprintcleanse

I chose the Foundation Cleanse for my cleanse, their “middle of the road” option, because I’m not fond of beets and the Renovation cleanse included a beet juice.

The green juice is always the first juice of the day, which according to BluePrint is the best time to assimilate and absorb all the nutrients.  A combination of romaine, celery, cucumber, green apple, spinach, kale, parsley and lemon it’s the workhorse of all the juices but there’s still a challenging taste to it.  I even poured it over ice cubes and drank it through a straw – still rough going down and I wasn’t able to finish.

The other juices however were outstanding and I’m so glad they offer an option to buy a Tasting Flight of their best hits: PAM (Pineapple Mint), Spicy Lemonade and Cinnamon Cashew Milk because I missed them after the cleanse was over.  The Pineapple Mint and the Spicy Lemonade were really delicious and a nice break between the green juices.  The Cinnamon Cashew Milk was a welcome reward at the end of the day, a rich and creamy treat after a day of juicing.


Cooler Cleanse:

pineapple ginger juice cooler cleansebrazil nutmilk cooler cleanse

What I liked the most about Cooler Cleanse is the variety of juices they offer, and that I could look forward to trying something new every day.  The 3-day cleanse includes 2 green juices per day along with an Essential Red juice, but the other juices rotate.  So in between your green juices you get to choose from Grapefruit and Mint, Watermelon and Lime, Pineapple and Ginger, along with a choice between Young Coconut Water and Spicy Lemonade later in the afternoon.

Their Essential Green juice, composed of cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach, kale, dandelion greens, watercress, pear, lemon and ginger took some getting used to as did the Essential Red, (since I don’t like beets I knew going in that I was going to have trouble with that one) and I had trouble finishing them.

My favorite of the fruit juice was the Pineapple Ginger which had a nice spicy kick to it.  For “dinner” I had a choice of Almond Milk with Vanilla Bean, Brazil Nut Milk and Spicy Hemp Seed Milk.  The Brazil Nut Milk was by far my favorite, really creamy and smooth and so thick it really satisfies.


The Experience

BPC and Cooler Cleanse juices in glasses

While on a juice fast you will miss the act of eating; I missed the ritual of mealtime.  I also never realized how attached I was to chewing, but when you go three days without chewing anything you start to really miss it.  Day one on both of the cleanses was the hardest.  I felt tired and achy and wanted to crawl into bed.  Day two was much better, I had more energy but I did find myself thinking about food a lot throughout the day.  By Day three the promise of a successful completion just on the horizon kept me going strong.

My thoughts throughout the experience went something like this: “I feel awful,” “Hey this is pretty good,” “I miss chewing,” “On second thought, this is going to be easier than I thought,” “Kill me now,” and finally “I did it!”

A cleanse is not easy, but with the right intentions it can a beneficial experience and I don’t regret doing it.  I felt lighter and less bloated by the end of it and it taught me a lot about my body, the difference between wanting to eat and actually being hungry.  It was so simple to do too since BluePrintCleanse and Cooler Cleanse did all the work, they even sent daily support emails throughout the process and were very responsive to my questions.  I have an amazing sense of accomplishment and a renewed commitment to making healthy choices.

Coming up tomorrow, a very generous giveaway from both Blue Print Cleanse and Cooler Cleanse that you won’t want to miss! (update the giveaway is up and runs until Nov. 17th enter here.)


Disclaimer:  I was provided with a 3 day cleanse to try free of charge from both Blue Print Cleanse and Cooler Cleanse for the purpose of doing a review and giveaway.  I received no additional compensation.  All opinions are my own. Photos courtesy of Blue Print Cleanse and Cooler Cleanse.



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    • says

      It’s funny how attached we can get to something like the act of chewing, that was definitely a surprise for me. Quite frequently I wouldn’t actually be hungry but I’d want to chew something.

    • Missy says

      Here’s a great time saver. Wash up all of your vegetables a few days before juicing. Then all you need to do is take out what you need when you’re ready to juice. Juicing is pure bliss.

  1. says

    Interesting that you felt tired and achy on the first day. That sounds remarkably like “induction flu” that low carbers experience when they drop their carb count the first few days. I have been thinking of a cleanse, but my biggest issue is the fruit juice…tends to be high in carbs. Still, the Blue Print cleanse sounds like it might be doable for me, what with the nut milk and the green juices.

    • says

      The green juices and nut milks would probably be okay for you but I’d say check with your doctor first. You’re right I did feel like I had the flu on the first day each time I did the cleanse but the symptoms eased up midway through each one.

  2. says

    I’ve never done a juice cleanse, although I have friends who have. I have a juicer so I might try making some that appeal to me in flavor. The green juices are tricky – I’m not a big fan either.

  3. says

    Can you explain a bit more about what made the green juices so hard to take? Is it the texture, flavor or something else that makes them difficult to stomach?

    Thanks for doing this … again, I’m intrigued so I can’t wait to see tomorrows post!


    • says

      It’s hard to pinpoint it exactly, I would say that they had a strong slightly bitter flavor to them. I had to water them down and drink them over ice to tone down the intensity. They also suggest adding a bit of lemon juice but I didn’t think that helped.

  4. says

    I saw one of your tweets few days ago and checked out the juices. My favorite would be the macadamia milk and the beets one. I love them both.
    I’ve been thinking for a while to go a couple of days with just juice. Now I’m more determined to try it!

  5. says

    I’ve always wanted to try a cleanse. Usually, after a long bout of marathon training, the following few days (who am I kidding, weeks) are filled with eating everything I can get my hands on. LOL. A cleanse is certainly in order now. I love your honest feedback on it and this particular cleanse looks pretty easy to follow. Do you think you can exercise while cleansing OR do they not recommend it?

  6. says

    Thanks for testing out these cleansing options. I’ve done detoxes but never a full juice cleanse and have been wanting to give it a try. At the moment it would do me some good. I’m curious to learn what you found difficult to take about the green juices. It would help me to make a choice. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

    • says

      It’s hard to pinpoint it exactly, I would say that they had a strong slightly bitter flavor to them. I had to water them down and drink them over ice to tone down the intensity. They also suggest adding a bit of lemon juice but I didn’t think that helped. This was true for both companies but that’s also a matter of taste. I have read a number of reviews where the reviewers really enjoyed the green juices, so I guess it all depends on what you like and are used to. I found them hard to drink, but the other juices and nut milks went down with ease.

  7. says

    Oh Sylvie, I wish I had the strength and determination to go through this cleansing program. I love the idea of drinking plenty of juices but I’m not sure I can stay away from my daily dose of caffeine, ha.

  8. says

    A very informative post, Sylvie! I am certainly really interested in trying out a juice cleanse in the near future. Love all the information you’re providing – one step towards motivating me :).

  9. says

    Sylvie, you are such a tease. I need this more than you can imagine. All I was thinking I want them all and I wonder if you are doing a giveaway lol. Though I do not live for them but as I said you are such a tease! Only in a good kinda way!:)

  10. says

    I did the BluCleanse last year and think it is a bunch of overpriced bull. My doctor and my nutritionist both confirmed that it will not do anything beneficial for you. In fact, it lowers your metabolism which will only make it harder in the future to lose any weight. And yes, it makes you cranky and tired.

  11. says

    Awesome review on both products. I’ve done a 12 day with alternating eating after a 3 days of a juicing. I didn’t think I was cranky, but my co-workers did. he-he!

  12. says

    My boss does the BluePrint Cleanse all the time! I have secretly wanted to try it too. I feel like my body could really use a cleanse. I can just imagine how great I would feel afterwards. I’m looking forward to your giveaway…I really want to give it a whirl 🙂

  13. says

    I’d probably be thinking, “kill me now” the whole time!! I like the idea of a juice cleanse, but not when I have to cook for 4 others…I have willpower, but not THAT much 🙂

    Great post~

  14. says

    I love my veggie and fruit juices but have never tried them as cleansers. That glass with vibrant green looks lovely…is it the real color or did you enhanced a little..absolutely gorgeous drink, Sylvie.

  15. says

    This is great Sylvie!

    I started juicing a couple of months ago, and I did genuinely start to feel good, but it was such a faff to juice everything – you spend half-an-hour juicing hundreds of ingredients for a drink that takes 10 seconds to drink – and then you have to wash-up the juicer, which is not for the faint hearted!!
    I like the idea of someone doing the work for you, it feels like it would be easier to complete.

    Thanks again for a wonderful review – my favourite part was this:

    “I feel awful,” “Hey this is pretty good,” “I miss chewing,” “On second thought, this is going to be easier than I thought,” “Kill me now,” and finally “I did it!”

    Made me laugh out loud!

    Toby. x

  16. says

    I’ve been considering some sort of juice cleanse for a while so this was really helpful, thanks! Three days seems like the perfect amount of time. I don’t think I could – or would want to – go longer. But sometimes I just want to offer my body that break. Congrats on being in Foodbuzz Top 9 today!

  17. Holly R says

    I have been doing the 8 day Natalia Rose class at entheosacademy. I have been wanting to try a juice cleanse in conjuntion with hydrotherapy and this might be just the thing!

  18. says

    Thanks for the review! Your photographs make the juices look so appealing. Juicing has been on my list for some time; but I don’t have a vitamix for the green juice – it is good to know that there are some options I can just buy.

  19. says

    wow thanks for the reviews! both sound really interesting! i’d definitely look into trying either one, not sure if they’re available here or not. and you’re so right – the ritual of eating, especially the social aspect, is one of the hardest things to adjust to on a cleanse! i find that one of the most difficult parts – having to constantly say no to dinner plans!

  20. Holly R says

    I liked you on facebook and liked both cleanses. I really like how the cooler cleanse has the raw food add on option for pre or post juicing!

  21. says

    I want to try this SO bad! I NEED to do this so bad. And with their system in place, I believe I could actually make it! Great giveaway Sylvie!

  22. Destiny says

    Would LOVE to win this!! I’ve been wanting to do one forever. “Liked” AND follow you and Blue Print Cleanse!!

  23. says

    I’ve been wanting to do this for a while! I’m just a little apprehensive about it- I think I’ll miss chewing too much! Glad to see you did it and were glad you did it. Now, I’m a little more inspired! 🙂

  24. says

    I loved living the 3 days through with you… must have been quite a task, and easier said than done Sylvie. {Do you have kids? Sorry … just a question off the top of my head, because then ‘crawling into bed and sleeping’ isn’t an option as in my case?} I’m envious of your cleanse diet, yet I know I have the resolve to do it! That cashew drink does sound like a treat, and I’m drooling over the citrus and pineapple one too. Wonderfully reported!

  25. Dawn says

    I have done the Blueprint Cleanse twice. I found the juices to be too sweet and have too high of a sugar content. Are the Cooler Cleanse juices just as sweet? This can’t be healthy.

    There is another cleanse company in San Francisco that has purer less sweet juices. they are harder to get down, especially for those who don’t like the green juices. They are so much healthier, though.

    • says

      The Cooler Cleanse and Blueprint fruit juices are about the same sweetness. I’d love to see these companies work on reducing the sugar content too. What’s the San Francisco company?